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Re: sore backs

Another reason why just running your fingers down your horses back might not work is because your horse could be ticklish or have very sensitive skin. My dough boy is so sensitive on his skin that if you just brush his flanks, you get whacked with the tail! I can't even use a grooma comb or hard bristled brush on him or he would just pass out. I find the best way to palpate any sore area is to just use the flat tips of my fingers (no long nails, please) and feel for heat. The University of Gainesville has a Dr. that specializes in back pain/gait movement. I can't remember his name but a horse that has a consistently sore back needs to be evaluated. Field vets can't always do the best job of that because they are limited by lack of equipment and such.  Conformation, gaits, hoof angles all play a part in how well our horses perform. Sometimes we ask them to do things they are not suited for and that in itself is a problem. That is just my thoughts on the matter. Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

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