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RE: jogging/trotting on pavement

> Kelsey,
>  Obviously you don't go out and trot on pavement for miles without being
> prepared.  You have to train for it.  I've done rides where we have
> trotted on the road for several miles, and the horses showed no ill
> effects because we did that at home.  Starting with a little at a time.
> A number of years ago I had a friend who was so paranoid she wouldn't
> walk her horse on pavement  for even a couple hundred yards, then took
> him to a local CTR  where the trails were hard and had a little bit of
> road riding and he foundered.  Not the way to go about it!
> Where I board we have a mile of road to get to the trails and another to
> get back again so our horses start out walking it and then when the
> traffic is light we begin trotting to build them up to it.
> Mickie

Well said, Mickie! You have to be prepared fro what you want to do in
competition: "NO SURPRISES"!
My main training terrain is very hard, with a huge amount of pavement. My
horse Ninja likes it - and he is used to it because of now 11 years riding
on it. He is able to trot or canter even downhill without any problems. He
had one injury in his life, a bowed tendon. No, not from riding on pavement,
but from a 60-miler in the Netherland in deep sand - something we don't have
at home. Rules broken: "NO SURPRISES".

If you want to ride fast in a competition, or even want to win, you have to
trot on whatever coems under your horses hooves. In the last few years the
speed increases a bit, so possibly trotting isn't fast enough and you have
to canter.

Wolfgang + Ninja 11
Endurance Trainer&Consulter
FN:Wolfgang Schwingenheuer
ADR;WORK:;;Robert-Koch-Strasse 16;Arnsberg;NRW;D-59755;Germany
LABEL;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Robert-Koch-Strasse 16=0D=0AArnsberg, NRW D-59755=0D=0AGermany

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