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Re: RC: where to get ex-racehorse arabs?

At 09:26 PM 1/10/01, wrote:
>One advantage of an ex-racehorse properly conformed and with a good 
>temperament and without injuries is that they have been conditioned, so 
>you are not starting completely from scratch

No, you wouldn't be starting completely from scratch, but you would be 
starting with a horse that has been conditioned for *completely different 
sport* and has probably NOT received any LSD work.  So why not start with a 
plow horse?  Or a roping horse?  Doesn't the quality and kind of base put 
on an endurance horse matter?  Or are we going back to the concept of 
endurance as a non-specialized sport in which "any old horse will do".

I'm not actually against ex-racehorses for endurance, I'm just FOR riding 
horses that were bred and conditioned for endurance, not some other 
sport.  I have never received any answer to the issues I've raised in the 
past few days.

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