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Fwd: RC: Scratches

In a message dated 1/11/01 1:30:51 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Horsepoop!!!!  Clipping will prevent the
accumulation of moisture

Maybe but as I told Jeanne, my vet said the same thing.  Clipping the pastern
is not good.  That little arrow shaped tuft of hair that hangs down, also
directs the sweat AWAY from the pastern area and off the horse......

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> In a message dated 1/11/01 10:22:40 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << I keep his pasterns clipped during the ride season and try to remember to
> apply Desitin at every vet check >>
> This is your problem.  Don't clip.
> Tammy Robinson
> Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
> 661/513-9269
Horsepoop!!!!  Clipping will prevent the
accumulation of moisture which is an attractive
environment for the fungus which causes
scratches.  By all means CLIP and keep the area as
dry as possible.  Desitin (707 salve - any zinc
oxide product) or tannic acid (as from tea) will
help PREVENT scratches, as well as help heal them.

From a person who LIVES in a climate that is damp
and muddy and has dealt with scratches for 20+

Teddy Lancaster

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