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endurance driving

Just wanted to throw my two cents in regarding driving, though it has been 
well said by Susand and others - it will most likely take more than a 'few 
days' to train a horse to drive, and some will never be comfortable in front 
of a wheeled vehicle.  I had a broke to death mare who had competed 
successfully in everything from western trail to road hack to endurance, but 
would not drive.  She flipped out anytime we got the cart near her, and this 
was a breaking cart- sturdy and quiet - not the wooden tired things the amish 
drive that make so much noise.  It is the only time I had ever seen her 
rattled. We had even ponies her off the cart with another horse driving - but 
as soon as it was behind her, she was a whole different horse.

We had another large pony that we taught lessons on who would never tolerate 
driving also.  Be careful - you do not have the control you do while 
mounted....I love to drive, but it is a whole different ball of wax.  BTW- we 
have a sleigh we drive a retired hackney show pony to - what a hoot!


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