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Re: Stress of racing to youngsters/Conditioning youngsters

Lynge wrote:
>>In nature he is expected to keep up with the herd from almost the moment of
birth.  He has the speed to do so.  In nature there is no sparing the baby
nor the youth, and just maybe the horse is built to take a degree of hard use
as a youth. <<
The difference is that, in nature, he'll spend all day out, in a field, being a horse, with the occasional spurt of speed to outrun a predator.  The "hard use" we put them to on the track is different, I think.
>>Maybe during youth is the best time to improve strength, agility, recoveries, sure footedness? <<
I don't think racing improves agility and sure-footedness.  In fact, I've found that OTT TBs are the clumsiest, least sure-footed horses around!  I can't comment on the rest.
>>The wise choice might be to be careful not to cross <<
No arguments there.
>>No flames, just thoughts. <<
Interesting ones, too.

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