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Re: endurance driving

I have had this same experience,  there are some who are easy and some who
just don't accept it.

Joan Ruprecht

>Just wanted to throw my two cents in regarding driving, though it has been
>well said by Susand and others - it will most likely take more than a 'few
>days' to train a horse to drive, and some will never be comfortable in
>of a wheeled vehicle.  I had a broke to death mare who had competed
>successfully in everything from western trail to road hack to endurance,
>would not drive.  She flipped out anytime we got the cart near her, and
>was a breaking cart- sturdy and quiet - not the wooden tired things the
>drive that make so much noise.  It is the only time I had ever seen her
>rattled. We had even ponies her off the cart with another horse driving -
>as soon as it was behind her, she was a whole different horse.
>We had another large pony that we taught lessons on who would never
>driving also.  Be careful - you do not have the control you do while
>mounted....I love to drive, but it is a whole different ball of wax.  BTW-
>have a sleigh we drive a retired hackney show pony to - what a hoot!
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