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Re: RC: Scratches

> accumulation of moisture which is an attractive
> environment for the fungus which causes
> scratches.

Personally I think there's more than one type. Fungus is so weird. The
only cases of "natural" scratches I've had were in dry weather after a
sandy ride (no dampness other than sweat). I've always believed you
didn't clip their fetlock hair because it naturally chanels the sweat
from the leg down and off the tips of the hair instead of running down
the back of the pastern. The only bad cases of scratches I've ever had
were when the silicone the farrier put in pads got up on the heel area
and apparently created an anaerobic environment (my diagnosis). Even
though I wiped it off, I apparently smeared it and had a bang up case
within days. We have LOTS of mud in the winter and it has never caused
anything even resembling scratches here.

Seems like maybe the muddy scratches may open up the skin through
chapping...and the sand type through abrasian, once it's open the fungus
hits??? So it seems the hair might help on the sand type...what do ya'll
think?  Also, I think the sand reflects the sun and can burn the heels.

I really find treating fungus confusing. When Whiteline disease first hit
everybody said I had to dry it out, and was getting into the hooves
through the nail holes. Out of 4 unshod horses and 2 shod, all the unshod
got it, no shod horses had a trace. We killed ourselves fighting it all
through the dry months, then winter hit and I couldn't see their feet for
the mud for a few months and I just gave up. In the spring they were

Same for thrush. They always blame it on a dirty damp environment. Every
case I ever got was in the driest part of summer with no moisture
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