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RE: Scratches

<<Angie said:
Personally I think there's more than one type. Fungus is so weird.>>

Yeah, my guy spent the last winter in a paddock and always had
mud up to his fetlocks without scratches.  This winter I decided
to turn him out into pasture in San Jose.  Up until this week
it had been pretty dry.  He had scratches Xmas week.  I clipped him, washed
it off carefully and the scratches went away without any ointments.
He has heavy feathers with white legs and pink hooves, the proverbial
scratches disaster.  With this guy, clipping seems to work better
because his coarse fur tends to hold a lot of dirt.

Not a multi-day comment of course, but there seems to be a lot
more cases of scratches at my current location than where I was
boarding last year, even with a less muddy situation/drier weather
conditions.  A couple of horses here were even having some wierd skin 
condition at the girth area, too, after doing the Death Valley
Encounter. - oops that's a multi-day "second hand" comment.



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