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Re: Endurance News

> So, my point is.....  since I AM a magazine junkie and I've
> seen these articles before in other magazines I do feel slightly
> cheated.  I would like to see more original articles and whether
> or not authors are to be paid I don't really have an opinion.
> Since I am a little uninformed on who's being paid or not
> except what I read in RideCamp............
> If not paying diminishes the quality and quantity
> of ORIGINAL articles in Endurance News then maybe this should
> be revisited by the Board.  The articles are what makes
> me get excited about Endurance News, and especially if
> it's an endurance specific article that I've never read before!

If I write an article applicable to disciplines other than endurance, and
the other magazines are willing to pay for it, then they usually get first
dibs.  If they don't have an objection to the article in some version also
being published in EN, then it goes there, too.  I have never been paid for
an article in EN (nor have I asked).  I have my own reasons for writing for
EN which have nothing to do with money.  I just want to see fewer horses get
sick due to poor nutrition and I personally don't care what sport the horse
is competing in at the time.

Sometimes I do write an article applicable only to endurance and so it only
goes to EN.  I reserve the right to put it on my website, to make it
available to more people, so alot of the articles in EN are "old news" by
then.  I think it's important that non-writing people not underestimate the
time it takes to write a quality article, so understandable that writers
such as Angie, Trish Marie, myself and others want to get as much mileage as
possible out of that effort. From the numbers of questions I see time after
time from people that get EN but apparently don't read it, repetition is
often warranted.

People are just going to have to decide between higher publication costs or
getting sometimes "recycled" articles in EN, because it's one or the other.
Personally, I think the editorial staff is doing a tremendous job with the
resources they have.

No flames here, just stating reality.

Susan G

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