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Endurance News

I opened up my Januray Endurance News with glee.  There were
several articles and the monthly columns were great.  I always
look forward to getting the magazine - it's become my favorite
and I'm a magazine junkie.  I read all the ads, window shop,
think about my next seasons' rides....

Then in retrospect, I realized that I have read a couple of the
articles before in other forums.  Like RideCamp.  Nothing wrong
with that.  But then again, it's no longer "news" by the time
it gets to me in print. 

I was surprised when a previous poster to RideCamp said that
she gets her information from RideCamp before she gets in Endurance
News.  Now I see her point.  But I also know that it's not 100% true.

I'm a total packrat and have been in the process of throwing away
all my old magazines.  Endurance News is sitting in a bucket from
the Shaw's Saddlery sale waiting for me to do something with it,
like tear out the articles, throw it away or give it away.  90%
of the content is time limited, so I see no reason to keep that.
That doesn't mean I appreciate the magazine any less, just my
perspective on Endurance News.  Meanwhile, all those Western
Horseman, Practical Horseman, Horse & Riders, Ride Magazine,
are already gone to recycling.

So, my point is.....  since I AM a magazine junkie and I've
seen these articles before in other magazines I do feel slightly
cheated.  I would like to see more original articles and whether
or not authors are to be paid I don't really have an opinion.
Since I am a little uninformed on who's being paid or not 
except what I read in RideCamp............

If not paying diminishes the quality and quantity
of ORIGINAL articles in Endurance News then maybe this should
be revisited by the Board.  The articles are what makes
me get excited about Endurance News, and especially if
it's an endurance specific article that I've never read before!

Kathy Mayeda

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