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Re: Endurance News

The last two issues of EN (December and January) contain some articles that
seem out of place.

An article discussing the "new" product biothane???  It was clearly written
for folks who've never set foot in an endurance ride camp.

Articles on treating scratches and permanent fencing are what I read about
in Equus.  On the other hand, an article about portable fencing, tie arms
attached to trailers, or details on setting up a picket line might be
helpful to endurance newbies.

There's no point in trying to do what Equus does better.  What we need is
information that we're unlikely to see in another horse-related magazine
because the topic is not of interest to the general horse-owning community.

I *do not* mind reading articles that cover information that is already
available to me online.  Not every AERC member has easy online access to
this material -- and besides, it never hurts me to read Susan G's bp info
again <bg>.


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