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Re: RC: Re: Endurance News

At 06:42 PM 01/10/2001 -0500, Cynthia Eyler wrote:
>Articles on treating scratches

I thought that having an article on scratches was really good.  Until I 
read it.  A lot of horses get scratches in the winter from being in the 
mud, so the timing was probably right -- however, it wasn't very useful in 
that it didn't give many other options other than just one for how to treat 
scratches.  (one remedy does not work for all horses)  It also didn't do 
anything to help riders out who need to treat horses with scratches during 
a multiday (or how to prevent them on a multiday), I believe the only 
treatment advice given involved a formula that is illegal.  So not much 
real help for an endurance rider on a ride.  And actually, I've found a lot 
easier and cheaper ways to prevent scratches from the mud in the 
winter.  (maybe we could get Tammy Robinson to contribute something on 
treating scratches, I know she has a remedy that works)  <dar>

But the worst thing was reading about how much it should cost to have an 
endurance horse.  Good gawd.  I'm glad I'm not starting out, cuz if I had 
seen that article when I was, I would have ran the other way.  I hope any 
new people don't think that you have to shoe your horse in sneakers and pay 
$170-200 a month just to feed one horse.

It's good that Susan is contributing regularly now.  Though kind of funny 
when you see people asking questions on RC, who obviously haven't been 
reading their EN's.  There is a lot of valuable information in there, it's 
worth finding and even the other silly stuff I mentioned above is 

in NV

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