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Tucker saddle and tree twisting

At least one other person has contacted me saying they had the same situation
with the tree twisting.  When observing the saddle on its back and folding the
rigging in, it was obvious that the rigging was about 2-3" off.  Tavi's back
isn't perfect, but the saddle was making things much worse.. this all came about
when Dr. Ridgeway noticed that one of Bob's hips would drop as Tavi was walking.

To Tucker Saddles' credit, they've been very amenable to having the saddle
returned, even after it had been used hard for 2 months.  It was pretty ironic
though while waiting on hold and listening to the recorded schpeel about how
each of the saddles are "Handcrafted and handmade, not mass produced like those
assembly line saddles."  hehe!


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