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RE: Saddles Issues - swayback?

The above saddle by Circle Y was used by a couple of
QH owners I know.  Their horses had short backs and
very stout and this is what worked for them, although
they are not sway backed.

At a Diana Thompson clinic, she reviewed a fitting
of a Tucker, I think he was a Tennessee Walker, not sure,
and she mentioned that the saddle fit except for the back
skirting which was too long for the horse.  The owner
mentioned that Tucker's customer service was real willing
to work with her on fit, but I don't know if she was
successful in having them cut down on the back skirting.
You might think about asking about that.

I don't think that having a wider saddle necessarily
helps with bridging.  Some people use shims and creative
padding to overcome bridging, although I don't think
this is ideal for a distance rider. (But Bob may be
able to get away with it for short term!)


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Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 10:01 AM
Subject: RC: Saddles Issues - swayback?

Hi everyone,
My fiance is having a saddle problem I'd like to get advice on.  Last
year he
bought a 17 1/2" Tucker Endurance saddle - wide tree.  About 2 months
later in
August, a chiropractor came out to check Tavi and saddle fit.. apprently
rigging was manufactured crooked and was twisting on Tavi's back, also
the position of the rider.  Tucker saddlery was nice enough to accept
the saddle
back, even saying they would exchange it for an extra wide tree which
Tavi also
needed.  Well, it's been 5 months and we finally recieved the saddle
The rigging was straight and aligned, but it was not an extra wide tree,
only a
wide.   We found last night that it is also bridging along his back.
Tavi is a
14.3, stout paint with a slight sway back.  His back is also fairly
Here's a photo of him (ignore the monkey on his back) :)

Would a wider tree remedy the bridging along his back?  Are there any
out there that successfully fit a slightly swaybacked short back?  I'd
there would be arabs out there with the same problem since they tend to
shorter backed than other breeds.  My fiance is about 200lbs, I don't
think a
sports saddle would be appropriate..  any suggestions?  If a wider tree
help, we're thinking about just exchanging the saddle for another brand
at a
local saddlery that deals Tucker Saddles.


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