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RE: Saddles Issues - swayback?

I've heard about crooked trees from other manufacturers, some
well respected - like Courbette, Passier and Stubben.  It can
make you crazy.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 4:13 PM
Subject: RC: Saddles Issues - swayback?

>Tucker Endurance saddle > apprently the
> rigging was manufactured crooked and was twisting on Tavi's back,

This is really weird. I've only run into a few of these saddles and this
is the third time I've heard someone describe this phenomenon. The other
two called it "having a twisted tree" or something like that. All they
said was that the saddle sat cock-eyed on the horse's back. They
contacted the manufacturer and they said it was the horse, but when they
put other saddles on there they sat straight. These were not endurance
people, just had a horse at a barn where I was looking at another for
someone and they struck up a conversation. They finally sent it back and
it was supposedly fixed. What is it that's different about these saddles
that could make them "twist"? This person says it's the rigging, but
didn't someone else say something about it being some sort of suspended
tree or something? Seems like lots of coincidences. I'm just curious.
They looked like pretty interesting saddles. The ones I saw were made
Walking Horses, or Field Trial and were being used for general trail

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