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portable corrals

Well we need some help with this decision, and after
reading through the archives, thought this was the
best place to ask.  We're looking  into getting two
sets of corrals for our next ride, and had a few
questions for those of your who have used them. How do
you keep the corrals from folding in on themselves if
a horse decides to rub on them?  We will have tow
horses that like to be close to each other, so we
wanted to be able to set these things some what close
by to each other.  I am aware of being able to mount
one corral on to the side of my trailer, but it's the
second one I'm thinking about.  Also with the trailer
mounting system I've seen you can't really use the
drop down feed doors when you have the corrals on the
side. (My other side has the spare tire on it)  That's
o.k., I can live with that, but I worry about when I
have the corrals off, and since the mounting system is
permanently on the side it seems a horse could get
caught up in it.  I have a three horse slant, and some
times I need to use both side of my trailer to tie on.
 Is there any length or height you would recommend
(size).  My two girls are on the small side, only 14.1
and 14.2.  This will be a big purchase to us, and we
don't want to make a big mistake, between PG&E and the
stock market, money is going to be tight.  Thanks for

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