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Re: 100 mile ride

Having done both, I can tell you that I find they are two totally different
rides.They are both difficult...but overall I prefer the Big Horn because:
there are not the HUGE crowds of the Tevis...Once a few miles into the Big
Horn you can pretty much be by yourself all day...The Big Horn is a VERY
laid back ride...with very few volunteers...You have to be very self
sufficient and/or have a great crew. I LOVE the diversity of the terrain
that the Big Horn travels through...From almost desert al the way up to
spectacular Rocky Mountain alpine..Although not as hot and humid as the can be confronted with extreme temperatures and weather
changes..heat, rain, lightening snow, wind, back to heat!. Most people who
tackle the Big Horn are experienced riders...not too many beginners.Two
completely different rides...I'm glad to have experienced both., but the Big
Horn is,by far, my favorite.....

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> I have been endurance riding for two years now but have been riding and
> training horses for 40 years.  The 50-60 mile ride is the distance I like
> but have set a goal to do one special 100 mile ride.  I plan on doing this
> ride in the summer of 2002 as this will give my horse and I time to
> condition and be ready because I will complete the ride.
> Originally, I planned to do the Tevis and have been reading and talking to
> anyone I can so that I am not only physically prepared but will be
> familiar with the ride before I go.  Lately, the more I read, the the more
> I am thinking of doing another ride, not because the Tevis intimidates me,
> but because of the number of people that enter.  It seems to me that
> anyone can enter whether they know anything or not and that the number of
> people along with inexperience will cause safety issues.  I also hear that
> the dust is horrible, again because of the numbers.  On the good note, I
> understand that the ride is very well organized and that there are
> hundreds of volunteers there to help and take care of you.
> Now I am thinking about doing the Big Horn 100 instead because from the
> info I can get, it is a very challenging ride with a lot less people.  I
> was told that the Big Horn was actually a more difficult ride and more
> satisfying.  I really don't care about the glory of completing either ride
> but want to prove to myself that I can condition my horse and I, and
> complete the ride probably somewhere in the middle, so it is really just a
> personal challenge I have made to myself.
> What do you experienced riders that have perhaps ridden both rides think.
> I would appreciate hearing from you even if you have ridden only one,
> especially the Big Horn since I don't get as much information from EN on
> that ride.  If I decide to do the Big Horn, I plan to ride the Big Horn 50
> this year just to become familiar with management and terrain.
> Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
> JMaynard
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