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Re: volunteering

>Hey, those fib too! >g< Honestly, I've had as many doubts about the
>accuracy of those as I have of volunteers, then I heard why...if I've got
>this right, you should never wear a wristwatch on the same arm that holds
>the nifty pulse taking thingy, but nobody tells people this. My guess is
>that a heart monitor on the horse could interfere too.

I've learned to keep my regular watch (a cheap purple one that I wear when
I'm not using the HR monitor on training rides) away from the heart monitor
receiver watch.  The HM watch showed a steady 60 bpm when I had it in my
fanny pack with my regular the house -- and not anywhere near
the HR monitor itself.  Needless to say they got separated! ;-)  Are you
saying that it can go in reverse and affect your normal wristwatch...and
change how your watch keeps time?


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