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RE: Volunteering

>Don't worry too much about being labeled a "goof".  I've done a few
>dumb things as a volunteer but I don't think anyone remembers it!
>And now that I'm competing, the same dumb things are being done
>by other newbie volunteers that I did.  It's part of the learning
>curve and there is no better way to learn how to ride an endurance
>ride other than riding it!

Is there a source of info for volunteers? an instruction pamphlet
with pertinent "how-to's", suggestions on how to handle different
situations (advice from some of the sage volunteers), the rules of the
game, etc.?  I've read advice given to newbies that they should volunteer
to learn the ropes.  At that point, the newbie may know so little that they
don't even know which questions they should be asking.  


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