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Re: RC: EN policy

In a message dated 1/7/01 6:58:19 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Am I the only person who's appalled that Howard was paid for EN's
 publication of Part 1 of his screed about Dance Line's near-death at a ride?
 (The complete article would have been interesting and useful if someone had
 edited out all the crap.)

Cindy, you said "crap."  I hope Steph edits that out of there. hehe

I love reactions like this one.  Please, keep the fan mail coming.  My ego 
needs further curbing.  Even my wife won't read my stories.  She says I'm too 
"verbose."  Damn, if I didn't have to go and look that word up.  

Say what you want about that story, but if I remember correctly, it just 
about took over ridecamp for a week when I first put it out there.  I 
received telephone calls from complete strangers wanting to know if Dance was 
alive or not, after my first installment.  

If you don't think what I was trying to say in that story was important, 
that's your opinion.  But I know it can happen at a ride, and I see similar 
situations almost every time I attend one.  Competition can drive people to 
do things that they, normally, wouldn't do with a horse, and I just wanted to 
explain what happened to me and Dance Line.  What can happen if you are too 
focused on winning and not focused enough on your horse's well being.  

Thanks again, Cindy.  Keep those letters coming.  I agree with ya; I'm 
absoluetly appalled.  


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