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Re: RC: rides and runs

In a message dated 01/07/2001 9:43:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< The Vermont 100 mile endurance ride has been held in conjunction 
 with a 100 mile ultra marathon run.  I am curious to find out if there 
 are any other ride/run combinations left.  OD and Tevis used to 
 have one, but are now run separately.   >>

We manage the Swanton Pacific 100 and 100 mile Ride & Tie (simultaneously).  
This year will be the 6th year for the R&T, 19th year for the SP100, and we 
will also offer a 75 mile ride along with the 100 mile ride.  One or both of 
the endurance rides will be FEI sanctioned and the 75 mile ride will be the 
Region 3 IAHA championship.  The date is July 7th.

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager

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