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Re: RC: Fwd: FEI Stuff, (Spurs, Safety, Self-defense, etc.)

In a message dated 1/8/01 1:35:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< With all due respect, spurs do have a bearing on safety when riding.  A
 well-trained rider knows that spurs are like power steering, and can be
 a real help in guiding a horse from side to side, backwards, forwards,
 etc.   >>

The same can be said of a riding crop (I'm not fond of the word whip).  I use 
one with Dance Line, not to urge him on (he sure doesn't need any urging from 
me), but for discipline, like when he thinks he might rear up or do a U-Turn 
on me.  And in the spring and summer months, down here in Florida, I use it 
to swat away flies and mosquitos.

This is just another silly FEI endurance rule and it helps reinforce the 
point I'm trying to make concerning them.  Who needs this stuff?  It just 
sounds like a knee jerk reaction to what may or may not have happened in 
France last year, and I hope AERC never makes it's decisions that way.

I happened to notice my gal Val wears spurs.  So I don't think the idea came 
from her. I know if Rebel was the only horse I owned and I had to ride him 
I'd use spurs on him big time, since he won't pass another horse after the 
first loop.  I'm not even sure if spurs would work on my silly Arab, he's so 
used to not passing.  

All I can say is FEI rides again.  I just hope they don't make it to a ride 
near me anytime soon.  I have a feeling if our sport ever does make it to the 
Olympics, because of FEI, we won't recognize it when we compare it to the 
AERC endurance rides back home.  As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke 
don't try and fix it."


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