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Re: RC: Fwd: FEI Stuff, (Spurs, Safety, Self-defense, etc.)

In a message dated 01/07/2001 10:35:44 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< With all due respect, spurs do have a bearing on safety when riding.  A
 well-trained rider knows that spurs are like power steering, and can be
 a real help in guiding a horse from side to side, backwards, forwards,
 etc.  Many a time at the start of a race,  in the chaotic muddle of
 eager horses on a brisk morning, my spurs (blunt, short, English type),
 have saved me from a wreck by helping me get my horses attention and
 being able to leg yield, side pass or back out of the way of a kicking
 of bolting  horse.  Although I have strong legs without spurs, there are
 some times & situations where having spurs on can get you out of a tough
 situation in that split second that can save you and/or others from
 injury or worse. >>

I find the judicioius use of a crop, to tap or cue a horse, is also useful.  
I'm working with a 4 year old who occasionally refuses to attempt a creek 
crossing.  I tap him on the rump and command "walk on", correct him when he 
dodges, head him toward the creek again, tap, "walk on", repeat and repeat 
until he finally wears down and decides to cross.  Hardly cruelty, just 
persistance and MY refusal to give in.  I don't whip a horse.  I agree that 
either blunt spurs or a crop, used as a cue, are useful.  I don't use spurs, 
because if the horse spooks, my first reaction is to clamp my legs onto him 
so I can stay on, and with spurs, I'd likely hit him with them and would be 
in more trouble than not.  Rather that outlaw crops and spurs, why not DQ the 
rider that is caught using them unwisely or cruelly?


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