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Re: Removing a horn?

Hi Jennifer -

I just removed the horn from my SS a week or so ago (btw, horn is aluminum).
Been thinking about it for a few years, but finally just went ahead and did
it. I was nervous about it too, but my saddle was already several years old,
yours is new? I would worry about that too, a Saare is more $$$ than an SS.
But, if you're going to keep it, then do what makes you feel comfortable.

I'll miss it for hanging the bridle on, my water bottle, etc. Now I have a
rope keeper strap with nothing to attach it to... Oh well, just improvise
with snaps, etc. I have other saddles with horns, should I need one.

I wrapped the pommel area with Sealtex, the stuff is waterproof and lasts
forever. Plus it almost looks like rawhide from a distance!

I don't regret removing it as it was too high for climbing and always
"hooked" me.

Good luck -

Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani


>Has anybody ever had the horn removed from their saddle?
>I bought a new Sharon Saare several months ago.

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