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I want to brag on a vendor!  At the convention this year, there was a new
vendor (well I didn't remember them from years before!). Cool tack, I ordered
2 head stalls out of the Beta, and purchased some Beta reins.  I prepaid, and
they told me a week or so from when they got home from the convention.  As we
were flying home, I noticed that the receipt didn't say paid.  I admit to
stroking a bit.  But a week to 10 days later, my headstalls arrived. I love
that Beta!  Especially the reins.  Get them wet, and you don't loose any of
your grip. In past years it has taken a while, usually longer than the
vendors say.  Last year, 3 weeks longer.
 Cool tack is home based, from what I read of their literature, and donated
tons of stuff to the AERC raffle!  Thanks guys (girls?).
 We also talked at length to a saddle dealer, not Anne G., and will not be
purchasing a saddle from them.  I found them arrogant, pushy and not very
customer friendly.  Not going to say which saddle maker.  But they also were
putting down another saddle maker, a big no no in my book.  If your product
is good enough, you don't have to run down another!

Nina Barnett

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