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Removing a horn?

Has anybody ever had the horn removed from their saddle?

I bought a new Sharon Saare several months ago.  It's the
endurance saddle but with a horn.  Being a western rider all
my life, I thought I'd still want one since they kinda come
in handy to dally lead ropes around, for ponying, hanging my
bridle off of when I tie up for a while, etc.

But now I've decided I screwed up and would prefer to have
no horn.  It gets in the way all the time!  :0(

I'm scared that I might screw my saddle up having it cut
off.  Has anybody done it?  If so, did it look okay?  Did it
wreck the saddle at all?  Did you patch the spot with some
matching leather or what?

I could kick myself for paying the extra $$ for a horn now!


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