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Re: Duel Sanctioning


What should be the objective here?  To come up with ONE set of rules we
can all live with? Generate an AERC rule to override FEI rules? To bring
to FEI's attention to the conflicts we are having to deal with to play
internationally? What approach do you think we should take?

We NEED a resolution to this problem for the good of AERC.  I am not
opposed to FEI or having our AERC riders complete internationally or
even FEI sanctioning of AERC rides....but we all need to all get on the
same page.  Right now, we're not even in the same book. Personally, my
only international aspirations are to go ride with Maryanne Stroud
Gabbani! <grin>

I salute you for being willing to take this on. 

I'm outta here...gotta go fly spray the guys and get my ears
lowered...or a rabies shot..... :)

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Bob Morris wrote:
> Jim:
> What I do believe would work would be a full comparison of AERC Rules and
> Regulations vs. the FEI Rules and Regulations. And I mean the full set not
> just the FEI Endurance, I mean every thing that governs endurance riding
> under FEI.
> Once the comparison is done and charted I am willing to carry it to the top.
> Or better yet start at the top and work down till some one responds.
> Any comments?
> Bob Morris

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