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RE: Duel Sanctioning


What I do believe would work would be a full comparison of AERC Rules and
Regulations vs. the FEI Rules and Regulations. And I mean the full set not
just the FEI Endurance, I mean every thing that governs endurance riding
under FEI.

I will start on this and see what I can come up with. I already have a start
comparing just endurance to endurance. I have to bring in the general and
vet sections of the FEI.

I need some one to parallel me on this so it will not be considered biased.

Once the comparison is done and charted I am willing to carry it to the top.
Or better yet start at the top and work down till some one responds.

Any comments?

Bob Morris

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From: Jim Holland []
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 9:11 AM
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Subject: RC: Duel Sanctioning


You are exactly back to my statement in the original post. I
am vehemently opposed to conducting rides under BOTH sets of rules.  I
have no problem riding either one....but ONLY one. If, as Jerry Fruth
stated, only 5% of AERC riders compete internationally, and AERC doesn't
need FEI as much as they need us, then this IS the tail wagging the dog.
How about negotiating an agreement with FEI that in AERC rides in the
US, all FEI rules that conflict with AERC rules are waived. The Ride
Managers still have the lattitude to specify additional rules at their
discretion. Any ride could then be sanctioned FEI, or IAHA, or whatever
and be invisible to the members not riding under that organization's

In fact, why not an AERC rule change such as:

In rides conducted with AERC as the primary sanctioning body, AERC rules
take precedence over the rules of any other secondary sanctioning
organization.  Any rule that conflicts with, amends, or modifies an AERC
rule is not permitted unless that rule is specifically stated to be in
effect in writing by the Ride Manager.

The wording could probably be better, but you get the idea.

Anybody care to second? Or bring this up with the board?  Or the
membership?  I would vote for it.

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

> jsalas wrote:
> In regards to rides2far post about the question asked at the Biltmore
> meeting. If you are disqualified from FEI sanctioning, can you
> continue under AERC rules? What a great question! This is something
> that will need to be addressed by all sanctioning parties, especially
> if FEI rides with duel sanctioning become the norm. In the FEI Rules
> for Endurance Riding, under article 821.4 Elimination it states "The
> Disqualification, the withdrawal or elimination from one of the phases
> of the competition entails disqualification, withdrawal or elimination
> from the general classification." This needs to be clarified. What is
> the "general classification"? What is the difference between the
> "general classification" and a "phase of competition"? Competition
> would be the ride itself but would classification be the FEI
> sanctioning? Could you be eliminated from the ride if your horse is in
> the 2 strike zone according to FEI and then go to AERC instead? Would
> that be fair? What if you can't even start because you are not dressed
> appropriately? Can you switch to AERC then?  Yeah, I know, a lawyer
> could have a heyday with this. But that is not the point. The point
> is, that duel sanctioning is not addressed anywhere in the rules.
> Nothing about, who's sanctioning has priority or if a rider can change
> in the middle of the game from one sanctioning body to the other. From
> what I can tell, neither does the AERC rule book. The rules are open
> to interpertaion. It only takes one person to contest the rules (and
> don't think that can't happen) and there you go.  So really, the rules
> are not the same. Sounds like a summer job for the rules, and
> sanctioning committees. Lisa Salas, The Odd farm

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