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RE: Re: Breeching

Well, I'm not an expert in this area, but I did just finish a custom
biothane job for a combination crupper/breeching.  I used 1" wide biothane
for the strap that goes around the butt.  I really wouldn't use 2" stuff -
very heavy at least for beta, but maybe that's ok - I have never used
breeching before.  The customer and I went off her measurements and some
catalog pictures of some pack equipment.

I won't put words in the mouth of the buyer - especially since I just sent
it today!  But I am hoping to get some feedback about how well it works.

I do have some 1 1/2" black beta biothane if anyone has a project I could
make for them, just didn't seem right for this one.  I bought it to make
stirrup leathers with, but since I've only carried hardware for 1" material,
I haven't tried anything yet.  I have some 2" Blevins buckles so eventually
I'll have some spare time and see how that works out.


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