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Re: Breeching

Finally, something I can contribute.  If you take a look at this link:

This is a Canadian supplier, but they have good stuff.  This link shows a
breast collar and breeching set, but they do sell them seperately.  I bought
the nylon/biothane breeching about 3 years ago.  Still looks like new and
doesn't rub the horse.  I do ride endurance, but picked up the breeching
trick from Back Country Horsemen.  If you have a BCH chapter nearby, they
could probably point you to a local supplier.

The bum strap is about 2 1/2 biothane, but I haven't measured it to be sure.
My breeching has only one strap up to the girth ring, instead of two straps
for a pack saddle.  Reverse the straps that attach to the britching so on
each girth ring, the strap hangs permanenly from there.  Then you just add a
flat snap clip right at the flank, so that you don't have any clips
underneath your leg.  Kinda hard to explain.

My horse has a very sensitive tail from a bad infection when she lost a few
inches of her tailbone, so I switched her back to britching and No Problems
thereafter.  I ride steep mountins, and it works great.  Just be sure to
acclimatize the horse to the breeching before you ride, and preferably in a
round pen.  Start with the butt strap a bit loose, but also practice with it
tightened up, or else the first time you head down a hill, you could have a
disaster on your hands!!


Sarah McIntosh & Saffy
Abbotsford, BC

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> Me too. I'm going to have to order some wide biothane (2") for something
> else. Will that be wide enough for breeching?
> Nancy Mitts
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> >Anyone have a photo or design they could provide me of a breeching that
> >would attach to a saddle?   I would be interested in trying a breeching
> >opposed to a crupper and we make our own biothane tack.   Our Amish
> >maker could help us modify a breeching for use with a saddle but I would
> >appreciate any info, ideas, suggestions, etc. for doing so.
> >Maggie

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