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Re: RC: Sportsaddle

If the problem was with the loins, it could be a winter/long hair thing.  A number of people I know have problems in the winter with the loins being rubbed.  Some get sore and some don't.  I don't have any problem with that with my gelding, but then my saddle is huge; sized from my measurements and they really got carried away, so it tends to hit behind the trouble spot.  If it bothered your mare when she was fuzzy, she may like it better when she sheds out.  though if she likes what you're riding in now it may be a moot point!

Kerry Redente wrote:

> Hi,
> I really like the sportsaddle, however after riding my mare in it for 4 months, she decided that she didn't like the saddle anymore and believe me, when she doesn't like something she lets you know about it!!   It wasn't necessarily making her back sore, but what she didn't like was the side to side motion of the saddle across her lions.  She has a long back and has what is referred to as a "widow's peak",  needless to she did a lot of crow hopping.  What surprised me was that it took her 4 months to decide to not like the saddle and it basically happened overnight.
> I now ride her in a Ortho-flex and use my sportsaddle on my gelding, who loves it for now.  Has anyone had this type of problem with the SS?
> Kerry Redente
> West Suffield, CT
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