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RE: Sportsaddle

I've never ridden in a Sports Saddle but in a horsecare clinic I took
where we reviewed saddle fit, the problem with SOME horses with the
sports saddle is that because of the separation between the front and
back of the saddle, it creates back stress.  Seems to work best with
smaller horses and smaller people.


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From: Kerry Redente []
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 8:59 AM
Subject: RC: Sportsaddle


I really like the sportsaddle, however after riding my mare in it for 4
months, she decided that she didn't like the saddle anymore and believe me,
when she doesn't like something she lets you know about it!!   It wasn't
necessarily making her back sore, but what she didn't like was the side to
side motion of the saddle across her lions.  She has a long back and has
what is referred to as a "widow's peak",  needless to she did a lot of crow
hopping.  What surprised me was that it took her 4 months to decide to not
like the saddle and it basically happened overnight.

I now ride her in a Ortho-flex and use my sportsaddle on my gelding, who
loves it for now.  Has anyone had this type of problem with the SS?

Kerry Redente
West Suffield, CT

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