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Re: PVC Pipe Corral

I had a PVC pipe corral for many years that my husband built for me.  He used 2" PVC and made them into 5 foot panels with 3 "rails" on each one.  Let me warn you that PVC, when it gets cold can snap just like a razor!  I had this happen at a ride.  I woke up in the morning and luckily the horse was fine, but it had rained that night and the water froze onto the PVC and just snapped.  I have aluminum corrals now. Yes, they cost a lot more, but when you think of how much a vet bill is or worse, it's worth the money to me.  Hope this helps!

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Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 11:12 AM
Subject: RC: PVC Pipe Corral

I am wanting to build a PVC pipe corral for use on endurance rides. I
saw one last weekend at a ride and got some ideas, but I did not get any
of the dimensions. I tried to look in the ridecamp archives, but had no
luck. Perhaps I did it wrong since I have never looked in the archives.
I would appreciate any suggestions from those that have built one
before. I want to keep it around the size of 12 x 12.

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