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Rescued injured horse - help with wounds & nutrition

My friend has been looking for a horse to ride CTR and
possibly LD.  She happened across a 6 yo gelding in a
rescue situation who had a wonderful attitude and
great movement.  Toby stole her heart.  Unfortunately
he had a large leg wound with severe proud flesh, so
Hope passed on him.  The woman who did adopt him had
the wound surgically debrided about 2 months ago and
the vets found a piece of wire still in the wound.  He
has remained sound throughout all of this.  

The adopter cannot keep Toby after all and has offered
to give him to my friend.  He'll be trailered from FL
to PA early next week.  

His wound is 3" above the R rear fetlock, about 2"
wide and 2.5" long.  Xrays show some small calcium
deposits on the bone from periosteal irritation, but
the vet reports no infection, no tendon or joint
involvement.  At this point the FL vet is simply
recommending "routine wound care".

Hope asked me to ask you about nutrition to aid in
wound healing.  She has access to good timothy/orchard
grass hay with a sprinkling of clover in it.  What
food or supplements should she consider adding to

The current owner is rinsing and dressing the leg
daily with gauze pads and vet wrap.  Is this too
frequent for a clean wound with good granulation
tissue?  Are we interrupting wound healing by doing a
dressing that often?  Any topicals that she should
consider to promote healthy healing/retard reformation
of proud flesh?

Suggestions are appreciated!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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