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Re: Rescued injured horse - help with wounds & nutrition

> Hope asked me to ask you about nutrition to aid in
> wound healing.  She has access to good timothy/orchard
> grass hay with a sprinkling of clover in it.  What
> food or supplements should she consider adding to
> this?

Nothing.  He's getting everything he needs in abundance, with the exception
of some salt and plenty of fresh, clean water.

> The current owner is rinsing and dressing the leg
> daily with gauze pads and vet wrap.  Is this too
> frequent for a clean wound with good granulation
> tissue?  Are we interrupting wound healing by doing a
> dressing that often?  Any topicals that she should
> consider to promote healthy healing/retard reformation
> of proud flesh?

What we were taught is that after proud flesh has been surgically removed,
treat it like any other fresh wound, clean it once, put on a triple
antibiotic ointment, bandage it and leave it the hell alone.  The more you
disturb that newly granulating tissue, the more likely you'll initiate proud
flesh formation again.  I would change the dressing every few days at most,
don't disturb the coating of ointment except for possibly adding more so it
doesn't stick to the gauze, use telfa pads so they don't stick and don't
keep re-cleaning it.  And keep water off of it---fresh water will do more
damage than good at this point.

Tell her good luck.

Susan G

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