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Treeless Saddle

You may have SEEN a Boz saddle, but you've never LOOKED at one!!!  The
design is based on the Monte Forman Balance Ride Saddles which were known
as "The Western DRESSAGE Saddle".  Sure, if mine had a horn I could rope
in it, because this is the easiest saddle there is to stand in the
stirrups!  There is a ridiculous misconception out there that the Boz
stirrups a hung too far forward. This saddle is FLAT in the front, not
artificially built up so that you are THROWN to the BACK of the saddle. 
That is, you do NOT sit in it as if you are in a lounge chair!!!  If you
can look down and see only the tips of your boots, you are sitting your
horse correctly.  Sitting in a Boz saddle is the same as sitting on a
horse bareback.  You are positioned right behind the withers which is
where the horse can carry you most easily.  You do NOT water ski in a
Boz.  The ear, hip, heel line applies to this saddle. The difference is
that you are not back over the horse's loins somewhere.  There is a pile
of riders out there that have won some impressive rides using a BOZ
saddle, Chris Knoch, a heavyweight won the TEVIS, I have top tenned, my
horse has been high score best condition, and I have been 3rd place
regionally BC in limited distance on a horse that I rode for someone

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