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Re: Re: For Susan G - supplement question

My cobb (corn, oats, beet pulp and barley) mix is only about 10-11% protein
BUT about 10% fat. I add oil instead of molasses. The horses who got grain
during the winter got only about 5#/day.  Our stallion who is very active
and who I used to have trouble keeping weight on came out of winter with a
little padding.  I was delighted.  Now, except for adding some extra oil and
maybe a couple of extra cups a day of my mix when he's being worked harder,
he's still doing great and keeping weight on.  So, it's not the protein in
this case.  And of course, the feed companies don't want you to start mixing
your own mix...then you won't buy theirs.  And that "feed guy" is a sales
rep.  I'll guarantee it.

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