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Re: For Susan G - supplement question

While on the topic of supplements/electrolytes/salts...

I've heard several people mention supplements w/ their rations--not
necessarily here on RC, but 'around'.  Now, in a balanced diet don't horses
get what they need w/out supplimentation?  Are they just supplimenting the
horses who are working and need it, or is this a preventative thing?  Now,
electrolytes I explaination needed :).  We feed trace mineral salt
blocks out in the pasture free choice..

Any reason to feed basicly idle horses anything suppliment wise other than
trace mineral salt?

Now, I also feed a complete feed (and a ton of it as you all well know :).
Based on the info gained on this thread, I might be researching an
alternative to that.  If that is the case, should I be concerned about
supplimenting w/ things such as straight oats or beet pulp?
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> > I always thought it was bad policy to give electrolytes daily. Susan??
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> > Angie
> >
> Well, yes, but I think she was just talking about having it for those
> when you would want to supplement it.
> Other than that, yup, you generally shouldn't syringe e'lytes during
> conditioning rides unless the conditions are really vile and the ride
> hard (ie, more or less the same as an endurance ride), but you'd always
> to have salt available free-choice.
> Susan G
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