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Re: RC: Horses at the Killer Auction

I've always been curious about this "Dobbin for the French dinner table" 
issue.  If the French are supposed to be such gourmands, people so picky 
about their food that they hardly consider other cuisine edible, how come 
they're apparently so eager to dine on any old American horse that might 
have just been wormed or have some disease, some old plug that's been fed 
who knows what, that has been stolen and delivered to the 
slaughterhouse?  Not that I'm picking on the French, mind you, just using 
them as an example.

If I was living in Europe, had been worrying about mad cow disease, 
worrying about Foot & Mouth disease, I sure wouldn't be encouraging my 
friendly local butcher or market to be buying horse meat that wasn't 
specifically raised for the dinner table, that's for sure.  Either they're 
all much more desperate than I can imagine or maybe the scare about US 
horses being stolen for the meat market is being a bit overstated.

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