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Ice wraps:

Hi Ridecamp!
I know that I am supposed to advertise in the "classifieds"
but this is not my product. A friend of mine
is making Ice boots for horses. This product is geting great
reviews in our area. There is no Ice that you have to
poor into pockets.( thus no mess later)
 You activate the insert by submersing under water
for 90 seconds. Then you can microwave it for 1 minute for heat therapy
or set it in a frosted freezer for 12 to 24 hrs and then throw it in a
cooler (can
pack it with ice to keep cold while traveling) and it will be cold for up
to 8 hrs.
   I would like to say that I did get down in the back and used one for 
heat therapy.
Microwaved it for 1 minute, applied it to my back at 10: P.M and at 6:30
A.M it was
still warm. It really helped my back. If anyone is interested in this
product please
contact  Marjorie Vaughn at 2441 W 253rd St, Lyndon, Ks 66451-9654
Ph 1 785 828 4403 She does not have a computer let alone read ridecamp.

Pat G. in really windy Kansas! Razzel and Casper

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