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Re: RC: RE: re: Treeless Saddles

I am a heavy weight rider - 214 with tack, 180 or so
just me.  I've ridden in a Sport Saddle & got rid of
it for a large number of reasons...

When riding at speed, I didn't have problems with my
seat bones bothering the horse.  It was another story
if I rode at a walk for any distance at all (walking
into a vet check or slower trail rides with
non-endurance friends).  Rosie would get sore where my
seat bones would be on her back.  I'm a balanced rider
with  many years of formal lessons and a dressage
background - I wasn't slopping around in the saddle. 
The same happened to two other of my friends who ride
in the HW category, so it didn't seem to be a fluke.

Three HW riders that I personally know & several I've
heard of thru the grapevine had the pommels break on
the sport saddle about 5 or 6 years ago.  I haven't
heard of more after that, so many it was a run of bad
saddles - something to think about if buying a used

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

--- Kathy Mayeda <> wrote:
> I know several happy people and horses with sports
> saddles,
> but all of them that I know are riding as
> lightweights or
> featherweights.  I wonder if anyone would care to
> comment
> on how well they would work for a heavyweight rider?
> K.

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