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Re: Chicken Chase info

Well imagine that...right here I have the Indiana ride schedule :)

April 21 & 22, 2001 Chicken chase I &II  25/50 mile Endurance Clark St Park,
Henryville, IN Camping at Bill Wilson's
Contact this year is Amy Whelan....don't know if you guys allow personal
info on the list so I'll send the #'s to you privately :)

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> Me *again*. Now I need Chicken Chase info.  Connie in
> charge? (can't find your address).  If not, could somebody give me a
> lead? Can't find my EN and want to go to the ride. Anybody want to tell
> me what it's like? Trees for picket lines? What's the nearest town (do I
> go through Louisville, KY?) How many hours from Chattanooga? Pre-entry
> required? Jr. discount? It is the 21 & 22 isn't it? (Hope so, I've
> already got a substitute hired)  I gave a list of the rides I was going
> to attend to the Chronicle and they chose it as one for me to report on.
> I'll bet it'll be the first time they've had a write-up on an event with
> a name like that. >g< Anybody know how they came up with that name?
> Angie
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