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Re: RC: Chicken Chase info


Chicken Chase is named that because the "Colonel"
himself started KFC in Henryville, Indiana!!!!!

It is a SUPER ride...a "slider" if wet, but
beautiful with nice, but not awful challenges.

If you get there early enough or want to park far
away, you can picket.  Bill Wilson hosts this ride
at his farm and the parking is in a nice, fairly
level field in back...most people end up parking
in the open.

The hospitality is great.  Go I-65 north out of
Louisville to exit 19, turn left, go about 5 miles
and look closely for signs (just past big indoor
arena on right is your first turn to the left).
There will be a BIG hill to climb with your
rig...this is the same location as the "Top of the
Rock"'ll see why.....

Teddy Lancaster

Home at last!!!! 10,000 miles, 18 states, 6 weeks.

Next Attending Equine Affaire April 2-10, 2001,
Columbus, OH

If they are shooting at you, you must be doing
something right--

Does this mean I cannot tell the Emperor he has
no clothes unless I have a Kingdom?

Running Bear Farm, Inc.
1348 Township Road 256
Kitts Hill, Ohio, 45645 USA  -
1-800-533-2327, FAX: 740-533-0337


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