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Chicken Chase info

Me *again*. Now I need Chicken Chase info.  Connie in
charge? (can't find your address).  If not, could somebody give me a
lead? Can't find my EN and want to go to the ride. Anybody want to tell
me what it's like? Trees for picket lines? What's the nearest town (do I
go through Louisville, KY?) How many hours from Chattanooga? Pre-entry
required? Jr. discount? It is the 21 & 22 isn't it? (Hope so, I've
already got a substitute hired)  I gave a list of the rides I was going
to attend to the Chronicle and they chose it as one for me to report on. 
I'll bet it'll be the first time they've had a write-up on an event with
a name like that. >g< Anybody know how they came up with that name?

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