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Scary incident

I ride quite regularly on the roads around my house.  The worst problem I had 
was with a middle aged woman who drives a green minivan.  It was as if she 
were just trying to see how close she can get to my foot.  AND she did it 
EVERY time she passed us.  I passed a pedestrian once and then this woman in 
the green minivan passed me and came within a matter of inches away from my 
foot.  Luckily, my horse was not spooky (actually the horse disliked me and 
was probably secretly hoping that I'd get knocked off, but that's a whole 
'nother story).  I heard a gasp and looked behind me and the pedestrian had 
both of her hands pressed to her chest.  *She* was panicked about the van 
coming that close to me.  

After Special came to live with us, I decided to put a scare into the green 
minivan woman.  When I saw her coming the first time Special and I were out, 
I asked Special to move laterally out into the road and then spun her around 
a few times, and walked over to the edge road and then backed her out into 
the road again and asked her to spin a few more times.  Took up the whole 
road.  Just generally made it appear that Special was completely out of 
control.  The woman slowed WAY down.  Finally, I moved Special out of the 
middle of the road and approached the woman's minivan.  She was staring at me 
wide-eyed.  I thanked her for slowing down and told her how much I'd hate it 
if my horse had kicked the side in on her pretty van since you just never 
know WHAT horses are going to do.  Since then, she's given us plenty of space.


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