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Re: Scary incident

Howard wrote:
>I pulled off to the right because it looked like this guy was doing 80 
> >miles an hour on this dirt road.  Then, he went to his left on the >road 
>and intentionally headed right towards us.
>The redneck flew by us and looked at me with a toothless grin >yelling, 
>"Get out of my way horse boy."  This is when I lost
>total control and the rest of my memory is a blur.

>I pulled out my gun from the saddlebag, aimed and started firing.

WOOHOO!#@$!  I sure hope this is all true.  I love it.

I have to ride mostly on the roads, semi-rural area and these people drive 
like absolute maniacs.  IME, they usually slow down and give the horses 
plenty of room.  However, I have witness some dangerous behavior.  One 
afternoon my brother was riding one of my horses down the road and a large 
(3/4 ton) pickup pulling a boat just blasted down the road and past him.  
Luckily the horse he was riding was completely unflappable - I think he just 
jumped a little to the side and looked, which was as close to a spook as I 
ever saw from him (the horse, not the bro;).  A neighbor who I sold that 
same horse to told me that she was riding him one day and someone drove 
right up behind her and laid on the horse, and of course old Chester just 
kept on keeping on.  Another time, I saw an older gentleman plugging down 
the road on horseback and a toy truck came roaring up behind him and 
actually swerved out of it's lane to haze him.  Jerks!  I couldn't carry a 
gun in my saddlebags, otherwise I'd shoot to kill if somebody did that to 
me.  You could call it self defense.

We live on a straightaway, so drivers, *if* they're paying attention have 
plenty of time to see people and animals in the road and adjust their speed. 
  Unfortunately, that straight 1/2 mile of road just makes them want to lay 
on the accelerator and not let up.  Let me also point out that this straight 
stretch of road is lined with mailboxes.  I've had the idiots pass me on the 
left, when I have my left signal on getting ready to turn into my driveway 
(actually, Howard, in Texas we call the driveway over the ditch a culvert:). 
  I firmly believe that at *least* 20% of the drivers out there have 
absolutely no business whatsoever with a drivers license.  I hate sharing 
the road with these idiots so much that I work an "off" schedule (10am-7pm 
or 6am-3pm) just so I can avoid the rush hour traffic.


Anyway, cool post, Howard.

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- Reverend Jim Peasboro, as quoted in the Weekly World News

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