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Re: choke

Hi Barbara

Choke is scary.  For the first time in 40 years of owning horses we had a
mare choke last summer.  She isn't a gobbler she eats at her leisure.  There
appeared to be no reason for this her feeding program was the same (soaked
grain and beet pulp) all the hay she wanted and green grass.   The first
choke was on a Thrus. and the vet was called right away.  He broke the bolis
loose.   The second choke was 4 days later  again no difference in feed
except no beet pulp.  She was than taken to a specialist who to this day
doesn't know why she choked.  After that choke incident I was told nothing
for her except grass for three months .  We did start her back on real soupy
feed and no hay at 2 mos.  When we did start her back on hay there was snow
on the ground and we spread the hay around so finely she was acutely grazing
from one end of the enclosure to the other.  She was given all the water she
could handle.  We continue to make her sweet feed a little soupier than the
rest  but she is eating hay from the hay bunk.

After she choked she was put on antibiotics for a number of weeks and
complete rest and than has been brought back slowly.

Still to this day if she coughs or yawns I'm jumping out of my skin.

This happened to us in Aug. last year and there were allot of people who
answered my email about choke.  Look in archives during Sept and Oct.  And
April 8, 2000

So yes choke is scary and I wish you all the luck in the world.


Neil & Barbara Josephson
Barnesville, Mn.
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