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Horses at the Killer Auction

Susan Vuturo
We are so excited!  A writer with a magazine called "Backstretch"
has contacted the President of our local equine rescue
organization to discuss writing an article on Thoroughbreds
possibly being run through the local "killer" sale in Louisville,
Kentucky.  She said her boss was adamantly opposed to an article
of this type because "there is no way Thoroughbreds are being run
through a killer sale -- and ESPECIALLY not Thoroughbreds from
Churchill Downs!"  Well, my friend fell down laughing at this
statement!  She sees all kinds of Thoroughbreds that came 
directly from Churchill Downs, with pulled manes, sleek and 
shiny, with lip tatoos, and aluminum plates on their feet.  Oh,
they also have bowed tendons, bucked shins, etc. as well.  Most
of these injuries are not life-threatening, merely career-
threatening, but the owners/trainers do not want to spend the
time or money to rehabilitate them.  What an opportunity to let
the public see what happens to a lot of really nice Thoroughbreds
who cannot race any more!  The naive reporter wants to interview
the killer buyers and take some pictures.  My friend told her the
buyers would probably not want to give interviews, and that there
are signs posted everywhere "NO CAMERAS", but the reporter says
she still wants to try.  

I'm sure it's not a coincidence that it is nearly Derby time here
in Louisville!  

Anyway, please -- no flames.  I realize everyone doesn't feel the
same way about the killer sales.  Everyone to their own opinion.
However, we are really glad we may have an opportunity to expose
some very cruel and unnecessary behaviors at this sale!  For 
those of you who are so inclined, please say a prayer and keep
your fingers crossed this reporter's boss will let her print this

PS;  The reporter was put in touch with our Rescue group by the
president of Rerun -- an organization that places used-up
thoroughbreds from the track.

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