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Re: bits at rides

 Another name for the crosspull is a figure 8
sidepull.My crosspull looks like a sidepull but the
reins attach to a continous piece that runs through
the side rings on the noseband part of the bridle,
cross  under the jaw and go up over the poll of the
horse. The horse is controlled by pressure on the side
of his face, jaw and poll. It helps to teach a horse
lateral flexion.

   Marlene Moss sells beautiful biothane crosspulls.
check them out at  I noticed that the
biothane ones have two pieces, instead of one, which
attach to a ring on the side of the brow band.

   I am marketing my friends rope crosspulls. These
are half the price of biothane ones but I don't know
how they'll hold up with long hard use. We all know
the biothane ones will wear forever. Another
difference between the two is the ropes ones are quite
a bit lighter in weight.


--- Sullivan's <> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "sharp penny" <>
> >    I just started using a crosspull and really
> like
> > the control I have in it
> What is a crosspull?  Is it what is also called a
> bitless bridle or Freedon
> bridle?
> Karen

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